Frequently Asked Questions

Drone Earth FAQ’s – some of the main FAQ’s we are asked:

Exact location, date, time and a few other details.

Before you get too far into your planning it would be worthwhile contacting us so we can quickly confirm whether or not the work is possible. You may be in an area where there could be flight restrictions or other hazards that need to me managed.  All we need to do is assess a few details to confirm the flight can be legally undertaken.

  • Proposed date
  • Exact location,
  • Details of your requirements

With this information, we can carry out a quick pre flight assessment so that we can let you know if the work is possible.

It depends on the type of weather


We can operate in wind up to around 20mph if necessary, these are not the easiest working conditions and would not provide the most stable footage so lower wind speeds are preferred.


Rain is not our UAV’s best friend, it can damage the electronics.  The biggest issue however with rain is the water droplets on the lens and we will not fly in the rain.

Approximately 20 minutes per flight.

Our UAV’s will fly for around 20 minutes on a single battery.  We then have to land to refuel.  We have a good quantity if batteries and can also re-charge these on site.

Around 15 minutes after arriving on site.

It takes very little time for us to get set up after arriving on site.  However please do bear in mind that there are occasions when a further site assessment may be required and that there may be conversations and briefings needed before the operations can commence.  Safety and risk management are paramount.

Yes, it’s known in the UK as a PfCO.

To operate commercially in the UK you need Permission to fly Commercial operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority. A PfCO also requires full insurance, this ensures that should an incident occur you as our client have peace of mind that we are fully insured and legally operating.

Under the current regulations we are allowed to fly from ground level to 400ft, this ensures 100ft separation between UAV’s and manned aircraft, which fly from 500ft up.

We will reschedule the operation.

We keep a very close eye on the weather and as we use a number of dedicated aviation weather services we can normally confirm several days in advance of the operation what the weather conditions will be.

Our weather can be unpredictable so we can re-arrange to a different date, your booking deposit will be transferred to the new date.