Straight forward and competitive pricing structure.

Since every project will differ in complexity, associated risks, location we always will carry out a detailed preliminary pre flight risk assessment to confirm that we can deliver the project in accordance with CAA rules and regulations and in compliance with our Permission for Commercial Operations.  This is always undertaken prior to us issuing our final quotation.

Once we have provided you with our final quotation, our price is fixed based one the agreed scope of the project and includes:

  • Risk Management
  • Provision of video and photographs by file transfer or branded USB stick
  • Any extra hours or days incurred due to bad weather or technical issues

We have put together a list of some frequently asked questions here. 


  • Single location – 1 hour – from £150.00
  • Half day – can include multiple locations – from £300.00
  • Full day – can include multiple locations – from £500.00
  • Golf Course – 18 hole fly over – £500.00
  • Domestic roof inspection – £150.00
  • Factory & Commercial buildings – £180.00
  • Chimneys & structures up to 400 feet – £250.00
  • Post Production Video Editing £35 per hour

The pricing includes travel up to 25 miles from Ilkley, West Yorkshire, mileage above this will be included within our quotation at 45p per mile.  Should over night accommodation be required, then this will be charged to the client.

There are times when an observer will be required, the additional cost per observor is detailed below:

  • Single location £20.00
  • Half day £50.00
  • Full day £80.00

Our terms and conditions can be found here